Dependency Resources – San Joaquin County

Forms and Information Sheets for Dependency Court

All California courts use the same basic set of forms. This webpage provides blank copies of those forms as well as informational sheets (some in multiple languages) that may help guide you through the process.

Immigrant Family Resources

This a page linking to the state court website to guide you if you and/or your children have the special circumstance of being immigrants (documented or undocumented).

Rights of Fathers and Other Parents

This page links to an explanation of the how “parentage” is defined in court as well as the rights of parents who are not the mother of the child.

Special Education Rights for Children and Families

This pamphlet for parents, foster parents, guardians, and people who hold education rights for school-aged children who are struggling in school, describes the process for identifying the need for special education and the services and supports the school can provide.

Caregivers and the Courts

This is a guide to understanding dependency proceedings for caregivers of children who are in foster care.

California Courts Self-Help Center

San Joaquin Dependency Court Website

This is San Joaquin’s official webpage for their dependency court.

San Joaquin County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

Call (209) 948-4620 to talk with an attorney for 30 minutes regarding any subject for a minimal rate. Call for an appointment.

San Joaquin Community Resources

These are resources within the community of San Joaquin county that can assist you with finding work, child care, addressing medical needs, finding support groups, obtaining mental health services, and much more.